New Jersey Pro Surfing

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Lynne Royce
During my 27 years as a print journalist I adamantly refused to use the single-lens-reflex camera the newspaper gave me.

I instinctively knew that photographers can’t just quickly snap off a quality picture for publication and always requested that one of the newspaper’s award winning staff photographers accompany me on my assignments.

I learned a lot from going on assignment with the newspapers’ photographers. While I scribbled notes they would shoot the scene many times switching between the three cameras draped around their necks so they wouldn't waste time changing lens.

Then as we rode back to the newspaper they would discuss how they tried to blend into the background so that they could capture natural, unposed photographs that reflected the reality of the scene.

Back at the newspaper they would show me which photographs they selected to run with my articles and explain why the one or two photos selected from dozens shot was the best from a compositional and illustrative point of view.

I learned so much from these photojournalists; lessons that benefited me when I finally picked up my first single lens reflex camera several years ago.

When I retired photography nudged aside writing as my passion. But this year I hope to begin combining my writing and photography into dual passions. Who knows where this journey will lead me.

I prowl the Jersey shore, Hudson River Valley and Connecticut on my photoshoots. I particularly enjoy exploring the Jersey shore with my camera.

Another passion is photographing children. Luckily I have seven grandchildren in my family who don't mind me capturing them with my lens as they explore the beauty and the mystery of the world.

I’ve won awards in camera club and state competition and have had my photographs exhibited in a gallery and libraries in New Jersey. I won the 2010 Guild of Creative Art The Very Edgiest Photography Award.

I’m a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) where I participate in monthly critiques to improve my photography.